Even though it has only been three days at the office with no internet, it feels like much longer.  I don't know if I should be more amazed that we are so dependent on technology or the fact that we could still function and get work done without.  I have been rather disconnected during the day and never feel like taking care of business when I get back for the night, so getting it back will certainly boost my productivity.  It will be nice to have the resources I need to get work done properly now.

Today both Marylin and I got to a point where we were just like, ok we've gotten our work done... now what?  There's more we need to do, but we just can't because it requires internet access!  This has been an interesting period, what with the move and all.  I really like how the new office has come together so nicely!  Amazing what getting some furniture can do for a place.  I feel so professional now.

Dealing with the challenges of a move and a new space in this case was merged with my overall adjustment, so I'm quite comfortable with it all.  I think everyone else is happy and excited about it too, though the old place was nice in its coziness and forced proximity.  Not that we're suddenly all ignoring each other, but it's easier to get absorbed in our own worlds of work now that we've got our own space to crowd up.  But I digress.

I am looking forward to having our "connection to the world" again, starting sometime tomorrow.  Otherwise I feel like I'm in this little microcosm that doesn't interact much with the outside world.  I am very much about interactions and people (lots of people), so that will be nice.  The internet is at once a great resource and tool, but also a great distraction (if you let it be)!  A mixed blessing, I suppose, as was the lack of it for a few days.  Not having such easy access to things forces to reevaluate how you do things.

In this globalizing world, it's hard not to stay so highly connected to everyone and everything.  I've been avoiding getting a phone with internet just so I won't constantly be online and tied down to the digital world.  I've not doubt it will happen someday though.  This progression blurs the lines and boundaries start to disappear, or at least become rather fuzzy.  Personal life and work life can merge, home and office can become one, and countries that may take hours to get to are very accessible via the web.  I'm sure the Type As out there are pleased (and probably more stressed).  Now they can work all the time!

Alright, that's all from me for now, it's time to get some rest.


[originally posted February 7, 2009]

Recently, I discovered etsy.com through Katana, who has now set up shop on the site.  Etsy is a place for people to sell handmade items, ranging from jewelry to soaps to no-wedgie underwear and pillows!  I absolutely adore the novelty of this place and the allure that customizations can often be made by request and many of these items are original and unique.  It's a fun place to explore, but handmade items come at a price!  So, for now, I won't be purchasing anything, but when I'm ready to splurge, this adorable, simple necklace is first on my list!

I really like how this site took something that seemed outdated and brought a whole new life to it.  In the olden days, people made their own stuff because they had to.  All merchants chose to specialize in something for local customers and townspeople only had those choices.  Now, it's like having one big village!  People from all over the world can browse what each person is good at and specializes in and sellers can change items per customer's request.  It's so much cooler to have something that you know is special, whether it was because you chose the color combination or you may have even contributed to the design!

The world really is getting smaller, isn't it?  That's not necessarily a bad thing as long as a sense of community is maintained and people don't always retreat to their online havens.