Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day has arrived!  I'm stoked because this is my first time spending it with someone special.  Not that my friends aren't special and I didn't have fun going out with them, but... you know.  And though I'm not into the whole gift-giving thing (nor do I expect Panda to pay for my meals), I do like this holiday in the sense that it is supposed to be a celebration of love and loved ones.  Granted, this holiday has undergone a fair share of commercialization, but when it boils down to it, I hope people realize that it's really another time to appreciate the people you care about.  Would it hurt to do it in a cheesy, gaudy way occasionally?

Remember those cheap little cardboard Valentine's cards from elementary school?  As I a child I always made sure my mom got me more than enough, just in case...  I even spent time to decide which card design would best fit which friend as I gingerly traced out their names on the cards, hoping I didn't mess up.  There'd also be the lollipops or Sweetheart candies to distribute along with the little note.  Then came the day to bring your baggie to class and exchange them with your classmates (and just to be safe, you could give one to everyone in your class, whether you wanted to or not).  It was always fun to see what themes people chose and any special messages they may have written for you.  I secretly hoped that my crush would give me a unique card and use it to reveal his feelings for me, but alas, it never worked out.  So at the end of the day, you'd return home, baggie now filled with cards from your frinds and classmates.  At what age do you stop doing this?  I can't seem to remember, but I think it was 2nd or 4th grade for me.

More recently, I had celebrated by gathering with my single girlfriends to enjoy an evening together.  Here and there there'd be a guy on my mind who I was loosely interested in and reminded of as I watched lovers throughout the day.  It generally wasn't a big deal to me and I even spent the day taking three midterms last year!  To reward myself for that rough day, I went online and bought a longboard from Loaded.  Other times I was wrapped up in helping with fundraising events centered around the day with Valentine-grams and roses to deliver to students around campus.

This year, though, I am spending Valentine's Day with my sweetheart.  We don't have any fancy plans and I think we might even wander around Costco, just because he has not gone in years and it's one of those things we've been meaning to do.  Whatever we do end up doing, all I care about is that I get to spend the whole day with him.  And that is what counts.  :)

So no matter what plans you may or may not have for the day, just remember the loved ones who surround your life.  And why not play, "Single Ladies" and get your groove on too?  ;)