Things I want to do in my life that benefit others.  See ideaslist for things I'd like others to do.

1. Create an environmental consulting firm for recycling and conservation.  Focus on viable recycling programs for museums, airports, and amusement parks.
2. Start a vocational school for athletes.  Then go international.
3. Make a think tank site linking people with great ideas to those who can do them (especially so researchers can help carry out experiments that people are curious about).
4.  Open an arts, crafts, party, and gift store hybrid with classes.  Kind of like the art version what the YMCA is for sports.
5.  Run a consulting firm for social media and get industries traditionally not involved to try it out (and think of the most effective way they can use it).
6.  Have a company policy that gives people the freedom to come and go as they please, yet still be motivated to do the work they need to.