Cool sites and resources I can't help but spread the word for.

my own book!

This site allows anyone to print their very own book.  Perhaps someday I will write my own book.  I'd love to get one that someone made for me though...


You can print your own book, calendar, CD, DVD, and so much more here!  They will also help you sell your stuff and you can buy things that other users have created.  Pretty cool.

name those countries

Don't cheat, just go and test yourself!

postcrossing: international postcard exchange

I'm super excited about sending and receiving postcards from abroad!  My first one is going to be sent to Finland!

myers-briggs personality test

Ever wonder what type you are?  This is supposed to be insightful to see how you interact with people and can fit into a workplace.  Here's another one too, see if they come out the same!

lev's tales of mere existence

Interesting sense of humor in his video comics, a satirical account of life. social networks

Find a group of people with your interests by joining networks or creating your own!