Personal goals I want to accomplish... someday.  I will italicize them as I get to them.  Suggestions welcome!

~ have my own domain!!!

~ skydive

~ parasail [dec.26.2008]

~ go white water rafting

~ windsurf!

~ go kayaking

~ ride a donkey or mule (in the Grand Canyon)

~ swim with dolphins and/or sharks

~ fly in a helicopter

~ ride in a hot air balloon

~ ride a motorcycle

~ scuba dive

~ fly an airplane

~ make sushi

~ finish the two other cross stitch projects I bought ages ago

~ go back to Australia and Europe

~ revisit my childhood homes (at least the ones in the states)

~ go to all 50 states (not counting driving through)
[18/50: Pennsylvania, Kansas, Florida, Missouri, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, Texas, Hawaii, California, Nevada,
Maryland, Virginia, Utah, Wyoming]  I feel like I've been to more, but I can't remember when/why/for what, so I won't count them.

~ visit Croatia, Japan, Korea, India, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai, Finland, Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, Madagascar, Djibouti, Fiji, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mongolia, Russia, Israel, Bora Bora, Wales, Canary Islands, New Zealand... [made it to Singapore!]

~ check out Iguazu Falls and Victoria Falls


~ start my own business (hopefully in environmental consulting)

~ live in Houston (I actually like humid weather)

~ get a massage at a spa without getting too tickled to enjoy it

~ get a kitten

~ take yoga, yogalates, pilates, kickboxing, belly dancing, or some other fitness class consistently for a year!

~ ???