Blogs I'm following or find interesting, in case you wanted to expand your repertoire.  As you can see I'm largely influenced by women, so if you can recommend any good male bloggers I'd love to know!  Any recommendations are welcome!

Tough Girl 101 by Kat Argonza

I owe my start in blogging this time around all to her, my best friend!  She is my inspiration and motivation to maintain my very own blog.

This is her view on the world as a Tough Girl (read about what it means to be a Tough Girl).  It deals with what it means to be a woman in this society, especially when it comes to fitness and the challenges gender stereotyping present.

Kat Argonza by Kat Argonza

As a freelance writer and Gen Y blogger extraordinaire, Kat delves into lessons she's learned in life and shares advice on a myriad of issues.  She's also active on Associated Content.

More is Better by Nicole Antoinette

My dreamlist came from her "Life List" and my subsequent lists all stemmed from there (egged on by my love of list-making).  I also really wish I could join her on her skydiving adventure, but I'll be in Singapore by then.

Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk

Career advice from a career woman with some unconventional viewpoints.  There's a lot to be learned from this woman and her guest bloggers.  Also check out her company, Brazen Careerist (yes, her blog and her company have the same name).

Teacher on Two Wheels by Andrew Morgan

An amazing storyteller and adventurist writing about his time cycling from New Jersey to Buenos Aires.  Originally he was going to continue on in Africa, but he got a job with Invisible Children, so he'll take a break to work for them before returning to his journey on wheels.  I aspire to write as well as he does.  I love the way he profiles the people he met on the trip.  I also think the kaleidoscope images that are uniquely created for each commenter is really cool.  (And I really like the one generated for me.)

The Writerbabe Series by Raven Moore

Her personal description at Brazen Careerist inspired me to not worry so much about having a focus on this blog.  Instead, I'll just write about my observations and thoughts on things I see in life.

8 Asians

They deal with all sorts of issues pertaining to Asians, especially Asian-Americans/Canadians.

Ryan Paugh by Ryan Paugh

This guy loves social media and Gen Y issues in the professional world.  He co-founded Employee Evolution and works for Brazen Careerist.

petitinvention by Mac Funamizu

This guy comes up with all kinds of cool concepts, like the desktop shown here.  He's a web and graphic designer based in Japan.

Sometimes, he actually gets to design real things!  Check out the Lifenote Personal Tablet.