Random facts, in case you were wondering.

- I love to share things (both physical and not) and tell stories.  Hence all these lists!
- I believe things should be taken in moderation.  Extremities can be harmful.
- Despite the above, there are certain things I don't do: drink alcohol, coffee, or energy drinks, smoke, curse.
- I am either allergic or highly sensitive to smoke and smog.  The deepness of my cough is a smog-o-meter.
- I love cats!  I've had three throughout my childhood, but unfortunately all of them have died.
- I like animals in general, though mostly when they are small and cute.
- I am not afraid of bugs.  In fact, I rather like them and I played with them a lot as a kid in Kansas.
- I have a rather complicated and lengthy explanation for my name's origin.
- I pride myself in being an efficient typist, but cross stitch gets me every time.  Not so much the cross as the stitch.  I don't know why it always comes out strich.
- I used to borrow so many books from the library each week that my mom had to make me a tote bag so we could get them to the car in one go.  (I am very good at carry a LOT of things too - it was like 25-30 books.)
- I read so much when I was younger that my 5th grade teacher had to call my parents to confirm the validity of my reading log the first time I turned it in.  My classmates tried, but never caught up to me.
- One of my favorite memories from living in St. Louis was when I had just taught myself HTML and I'd stay up all night making a website while munching on an over-sized bag of Chex Mix.  Around 7 in the morning one day, when the air was crisp and fresh, I decided to go out on a bike ride listening to my Celine Dion CDs.  Random.
- My bed in every house I've lived in (and most of the apartment/condos too) has been in the same position in my room, relative to the door and windows.
- I wish to some extent that I was (at least partly) Cantonese because that would mean I'd know Cantonese and Mandarin, but I only know Mandarin.
- I have what I call an office supply fetish - I love pens, notebooks, notepads, post-its, staplers, tape dispensers, markers, etc.  I love shopping for them, I love using them, I love them new, I love them worn in (by me).
- I have two best friends from high school in CA.  I am the middle one in all but height (I'm tallest).  One is very Christian, one is rather atheist, I am agnostic.  One is very conservative, one is very liberal, I am moderate.  Ironically, they both studied Poli Sci, which I rather dislike.  One is perpetually single, one is a serial monogamist, I was "it's complicated" for years.  One's parents are very traditional, one's parents are very open and accepting, mine are a mix.  One never wants to get married, one has been married and doesn't care to again, I want to get married.  One has always lived in California, one lived in three countries in childhood, I lived in many states but didn't hit my third country until college.
- My favorite soda used to be orange soda, but now it's Dr. Pepper!  "Dr. Pepper, you make the world taste better..."
- I prefer Pepsi over Coke.
- KFC in Chinese sounds like "chicken to be chewed" to me.
- I like to be unusual and different.
- I tend to sing for no good reason and when people look at me funny, I don't care.  (Though I haven't really burst into song much lately.)
- I self-taught myself some skills: French braiding, flip turns, butterfly stroke, and HTML.
- I have stretch marks and I don't know why.
- I used to use my parents as an excuse when there was something I didn't really want to do, but I didn't know how to say "no" straight up.
- I like to do random acts of kindness.  (I need to start doing more of that again.)
- I have ridden two horses, both named Strawberry, and neither experience went very well.  The first time was at 6th grade camp, where I couldn't seem to stay on the saddle and kept sliding to the right.  The other time was in Hawaii after sophomore year of high school, when I had just gone to Australia with ISSI (Int'l Sports Specialists, Inc.).  This one tried to buck me off (maybe because she felt I was falling asleep on her).
- ...

Always more to come!